Players Club

Preferred Member Card
This is our entry-level category whereby all new players are immediately entitled to exclusive offers and benefits.

Gold Member Card

This is our second-level category whereby players earn points which are redeemable for events, rooms, and dining! Among the various exclusive benefits offered at this level, Gold members can also enjoy access to a 10% discount on merchandise and earn tournament entries simply based on play. To qualify under this level, players need to average 65+ hours of play within a three- month period. Once this level is reached, players can retain their Gold status and all the perks and privileges that correspond to this level for an entire year regardless of play!

Platinum Member Card

This is the third and highest level of our rewards program. In order to qualify under this category, players need to average 95+ hours of play within a three-month period. Platinum-level players not only receive access to all the benefits that correspond to the previous levels, but also have access to a 20% discount on merchandise and can earn exclusive sweepstakes entries simply based on play. Similar to our Gold-level, once Platinum-level standing is reached, players retain all the corresponding perks and privileges offered at this level for the duration of an entire year regardless of play!

Both Gold and Platinum members are eligible for our Quarterly Gift Program whereby players are recognized based on average play during each qualifying quarter. Under the Lake Elsinore Casino Guest Loyalty Program, points earned through play are cumulative and remain in your account until you choose to use them, but expire six months after your last date of play—so don’t hold onto them too long! To participate in our loyalty program, simply present your player club card to the dealer before playing to ensure that you will be rated accordingly by the Games Supervisor. On behalf of the Lake Elsinore Casino, thank you for playing!