At Lake Elsinore Casino we are proud to announce that we host a variety of tournaments, games, and contests for our players to take part in. With so much going on, our goal is to make it easy for everyone to keep track of these. To help, we have an organized calendar available right here on our website. On it you’ll find the information you want to know on tournaments as well as all of the other exciting promotions we host throughout the month. Additionally, you’ll find essential pieces of information about our rewards and when E-Blast Freerolls take place. You can reference back to this on your computer or print it out to keep at home!

The deals that Lake Elsinore offers don’t stop with our promotions calendar. We also have a calendar of food and drink specials so you know when the best time to come in for a great deal on food is! We also have a calendar that features the best days to come in for lunch specials, breakfast specials, margaritas, football, and UFC fights. In the mood for steak and lobster? We have specials for those delicious foods as well as a full rack of bbq ribs! Our goal is to keep you filled with the best food and drinks in town, all while you play our exciting card games.

Looking forward to something special, like The Big Game or an anticipated fight? You can bet that we’ll have something going on to celebrate that occasion. If you don’t see it listed on our calendar, then just ask one of our friendly staff members about the planned occasion. Lake Elsinore Casino loves to celebrate, have fun, and welcome our guests for a great time for any reason!

Don’t Miss Out

Every month you can reference back to this calendar section on our website to see what’s to come for the following month. With this you can plan which card games you’re going to take part in, the player’s card promotions we have going on, and any food/drink deals you don’t want to miss out on. This makes it incredibly easy to get organized and plan out when you’ll join our friendly staff at Lake Elsinore Casino for a good time. We don’t want you to miss out, so we always update our calendars regularly and upload them on time.