Fortune Pai Gow Poker

One of Today's Hottest Pai Gow Side Bets!

Fortune Pai Gow™ is an optional bonus bet that considers the best hand possible among the player’s seven cards. Players may bet any amount within table limits; however, a Fortune bet of at least $5 qualifies them for Envy Bonus payouts. Players win the Envy Bonus when someone else at the table receives a four-of-a-kind or higher.


The dealer deals the cards into seven piles of seven cards. Six of the hands go to players and one hand goes to the player/dealer. The player/dealer shakes the dice cup, which contains three dice, and the total on the dice determines who receives the first set of cards and where the action begins. The player/dealer position is always 1, 8, and/or 15.

Out of the seven cards that each player receives, the player creates a two-card hand (called the front hand) and a five-card hand (called the back hand). The two-card hand must rank lower than the five-card hand. The goal of the game is to make two hands that are both higher than the two hands made by the player/dealer. Pai Gow Poker uses the same ranking of hands as in all high poker games. All bets are made against the player/dealer.

The player wins if both of his or her hands rank higher than those of the player/dealer.A tie (push) occurs if one hand is higher and the other is lower; no bets are transacted.

The player/dealer wins all tie (copy) hands. Tie hands are hands that have identical values. Suites are not used in hand valuations. The player/dealer wins if both of the player’s hands are lower than the player/dealer’s hands. It is a push when player/dealer wins one of the hands and loses on the other. When there is a push no chips are transacted.

The designated dealer button rotates, and any player may take a turn being the player/dealer for two consecutive hands.

The house dealer deals, reads and compares all hands and settles all payoffs at even money, from the player/dealer’s chips.

If the two-card hand (front) consists of a “Joker”, it will automatically play as a “pair”.