OTB Race Guide

At CJ’s Sports Grill & Turf Club we want every guest to have a great time, especially if they are joining our OTB racing program. If you’re a newcomer, then you’ll find a lot of great information on this section of our website. This includes a virtual pamphlet about the racing program. If you are planning on betting at the track, this will help answer many of your questions to ensure you can have fun while making the bet that you really want.

After you’ve covered the racing program and what it is, you can move on to learning about basic wagering. With this, you’ll discover how to win, how to place, and common terms that you’ll need to know. Next you’ll learn more about betting etiquette here so you avoid disappointment and can have a good time with fellow betters. After this, we walk you through how to place a wager. If it’s your first time–that’s okay!

If you don’t learn everything you need to know from this online pamphlet, you can always ask a staff member for help once you’re here. We’d be glad to walk you through the process and answer any questions that you have. After all, everyone has to start somewhere! Fortunately our virtual guide continues by teaching you what exotic wagering is and how you can win. All the information you need to know is easy to find, although if you have any questions we encourage you to simply ask our friendly staff members.