pure spanish 21.5

Pure Spanish 21.5 is a variation of Pure Blackjack 21.5 where the player has more choices.


Pure Spanish 21.5 follows the same basic rules as Blackjack. The object of the game is to get closer than the dealer to a total of 21 without going over. Each player receives two initial cards face up. Player/dealer receives one card up and one card down. Players have the opportunity of taking additional cards in turn. Once everyone has drawn, player/dealer’s hand is exposed at which time the player/dealer draws. After the draw is completed, each player’s hand is compared to that of the player/dealer’s and the party with the better hand wins.

There are a few differences between Blackjack and Pure Spanish 21.5.  The first difference is that all Natural Blackjacks (Ace paired with a bonus 10) win automatically. The second is that any hand that reaches 21 during the round of play is paid immediately. The third is that you can double down multiple times, receiving an extra card each time you double. The final difference is that the number 10 has been removed from the deck, however there are still Jacks, Queens, and Kings valued at 10.

Pure Spanish 21.5 also offers a bonus bet, Match the Dealer.  If one of your cards matches the dealers up card you win and are paid out according the pay table below.