Tournament Fundraisers

Are you interested in raising money for a charity in an exciting and fun way? At Lake Elsinore Casino, we have many options to satisfy your needs. Whether through a casino night fundraiser or poker tournament for charity, we can do it all. Over the years we’ve seen a wide variety of charities come through and have been proud to offer them an unforgettable experience for a great cause. If you are working with a non-profit charity in particular, we highly recommend hosting an event with us. We can help you raise money while also entertaining your guests in an innovative and unique way.

With something as important as raising funds for a charity, we take both charity poker tournaments and casino night fundraisers seriously. This is why we work hard to create an authentic event that leaves your guests glad that they attended. To make your event even more unforgettable, the experts you’ll work with will provide you with advice, guidance, and support from start to finish. This enhanced service is something that comes standard for every event and will be extended to you as well as those you’re working with. Overall, this helps make sure your needs are met and you are provided the experience that you want and need.

Our casino’s overall experience with these types of events will ensure everything goes smoothly and you see a turnout that’s everything you wanted and more. We know that raising money for charity can be difficult, but when you do something so fun and exciting, you’re much more likely to appeal to more attendees. We appreciate your consideration of hosting with us and hope that you choose our staff to make your event something that puts a smile on your face.

Some important facts we’d like to share about our charity fundraisers include:

  • Promotional room rates for tournament players who wish to stay at Lake Elsinore Casino the night of the event.
  • Our casino does not allow outside for or beverage. We have a restaurant on the property for your convenience.
  • 21 is the minimum age requirement for all players.
  • Children are never allowed in or around the casino area.

If you have questions or would like to book a charity fundraiser, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We’d love to hear from you!